10 Apr

Ink & toner Recycling

Printer World recycles over 3000 ink and toner cartridges per month.

That’s a lot of cartridges!


We’re committed to the highest level of sustainability by recycling 100% of the cartridges we pick up.

Through our Printer World driver pick-up program, we make it easy to recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges – and we will recycle any brand of ink and toner. Here’s the best part: it’s all provided free of charge so that doing the right thing is even easier.

Cartridges that cannot be reused are recycled to create new products.

Many manufacturers offer direct recycling programs as well.  If you are not within a Printer World driver pick-up program region, you can still recycle your used toner and ink cartridges.  Most manufacturers will provide postage paid return labels inside your new toner or ink cartridge packaging.  Simply swap out the cartridge and place the used cartridge in the box.  Seal and place the return label on the outside.  Arrange for courier pick up or take to the local courier office for return.  Each manufacturer has their own courier of choice for their return program.

If you do not have a prepaid label, most manufacturers provide an online option to create and print a prepaid return label for their cartridges.

Protecting the environment and keeping used cartridges out of the landfill is easy and the right thing to do.

To talk with a Printer World Supplies Specialist about how we can help you with your ink and toner needs, and how to join our recycling driver pick-up program, please contact us at 780-448-1837.

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