Sandwich Boards and A-Frames draw or direct attention

Signs don’t cost you money

They Make You Money

Sandwich Boards and A-Frames are a great way to draw people into you business or direct customers in the right direction.

We provide a large variety of sandwich boards. Use one to grab the attention of pedestrian traffic passing your premises. As they are portable, they can be moved and taken in when not needed. A great sales tool for promoting any business. Our sign frames are durable and weather resistant, using materials like PVC and metal. In some cases, the panels are changeable and/or reversible.

Sandwich boards are a good and the less expensive choice of advertising. They are not only free-standing signage that can be placed anywhere, but they are also a great source of advertisement that can be seen by hundreds of people every single day.

If you think about it how many signs you have seen in a single day and how many you have committed to memory, times that by one hundred and you can see the impact that sandwich boards can have on your company and just how easy it is to promote and advertise your business.

Sandwich Boards can also be used at trade shows and conventions to either advertise or as a wayfinding tool. Many property management companies as use sandwich boards as safety signs.

Contact us to discuss how Printer World can help with your sandwich board and A-frame requirements.

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