Vinyl Graphics and Signage
Warranty and Standards

Printer World will produce and install vinyl graphics and signs with every reasonable effort to produce a high-quality product for the client.

The end goal and result are a graphic installation that looks good, meets the client objectives, and lasts for the duration of the project requirement.

Printer World’s warranty on graphics and sign failure is 90 days from the date of installation. Graphics and signs not installed by Printer World carry no warranty period.

Outdoor vinyl installations require a minimum air temperature of 7 degrees Celsius to be covered by Printer World’s warranty. Outdoor signage installations not requiring vinyl application are weather dependent.

In the event of a deficiency or failure, Printer World must physically view and verify the graphics failure within 90 days of installation. It is at Printer World’s sole discretion if photos provided by the client satisfy the requirement for physical verification. Graphic failures reported, and physically verified by Printer World, within the first 90 days as a result of the installation process will be repaired or replaced by Printer World. It is at Printer World’s sole discretion to repair or replace graphics that have been deemed covered under the Printer World graphics warranty.

This warranty covers damage such as splitting, cracking, rotting of the substrate, serious pitting (greater than 0.5”) or noticeable dents or creases in the vinyl (visible at a distance greater than 6’ and greater than 1” in length per 12” length of decal and 0.25” in width), significant fading or peeling of vinyl or laminate. Vinyl defects as a result of the client provided surface for installation, such as dented vehicle body, are not covered under this warranty.

Excluded from this warranty is any damage from abuse to the graphics after it is properly installed; failure to follow the care and maintenance of vehicle graphic standards; vandalism; accidental impact; high winds or gusts greater than 70 kph; sign banging against a post or other hard object due to motion from winds (e.g. sign hanging from chains swinging wildly); hailstorms; and any unusual operating environments such very high temperatures , vibrations or external stresses (e.g. earthquakes) that the graphics or sign was not designed for.

Alterations to the graphics or sign by the client void the Printer World warranty.

There is no warranty on perforated window vinyl applied to any windows that move or slide or that has a wiper.

Temporary Signs do not carry any warranty period, even if they are installed by Printer World. Scrim banners, coroplast, foam core, styrene and sintra are considered temporary signs.

Updated 05.06.2021

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